Enjoy Your Holiday In Vasai

Enjoy Your Holiday In Vasai

Vasai is a place located in Maharashtra, approx 50 km from Mumbai, on the banks of Vasai Creek, which is a part of Ulhas River’s estuary. This place is also known as Bassein Road because of the Portuguese invasion that happened here. Some of the famous places to visit this city are as follows:

Tungareshwar Water Falls: This waterfall is located at a height of 2177 feet, which is one of the highest plateaus of Vasai. One can trek all the way through the woods and steep roads to reach the place while enjoying the nature at its full form. The best time to trek to the waterfall is in the winter. But if you want to cherish the actual beauty of the waterfall, then rainy season is the perfect time.

Chinchoti Water Falls: This is the popular picnic spot for the people, who live in Vasai or for those who are holidaying here. This water fall is located inside the thick forest and flows with full power during the rainy season. It is about 100 feet high and has a width of 20 feet. This is a perfect monsoon outing for the tourists.

Arnala Fort: It is built on a small island called Arnala port, which is located at the north of Vasai. This place is surrounded by water and the fort is hence named as Jal Durg. It was built by the Muslim ruler of India, which was later taken by the Portugese people. They used this fort as a watch tower to control shipping and navigation on the western front. This is an incomplete tower as it was previously destroyed partially by some people and was never reconstructed.

Vasai Fort: This sea fort is also known as Bassein fort and is located in Vasai, which is almost 50 kilometers away from Mumbai. It was built by Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat. This was previously a chain of forts to guard the coastlines from Portuguese invasion. Though it was built by the Marathi, it was later conquered by the Portuguese people and then by the British. It is surrounded by the sea from three sides, and one can reach it from one side only.

Vajreshwari Temple: It is located in a small village, which is about 30 kilometers away from Vasai. This temple is also built like a fort and the idol inside it is worshipped by the Marathi. It is located with Mandakini Mountain on the backdrop, which was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption.

Chandika Temple: This temple is ancient and is believed to be built by the Pandavas. Chandikadevi is the goddess, who is worshipped here, and this temple observes the largest Navaratri festival in the entire Vasai.

Cuisines of Vasai

The local people of Vasai have a taste of Marathi cuisine, and it has a great influence of Gujarati foods as well. There are a lot of dishes that one can order when looking for food delivery in Vasai road station. The snacks that are popular here are Masala Toast, Paneer Sandwich and Kachori. Famous Bombay Toast is also available here. The staple food of this region is rice and vegetables. Fishes are also cooked here as it is located beside the sea.

Vasai is a nice place to visit and enjoy a fun holiday with family and friends.


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