Exploring Tourist Attraction In Jakarta, Especially In Its Southern Region

Exploring Tourist Attraction In Jakarta, Especially In Its Southern Region

If you ever come to decide to visit Jakarta as your next holiday destination, you should direct your attention toward the southern part of the city. This section of the city is house to interesting spots and one of them could be the best tourist attraction in Jakarta you can enjoy. Demographically speaking, South Jakarta is an enclave partially occupied by expats and the riches of the city. In this district, it is common to stumble upon luxury residential areas and upper-class houses.

The district is also well-known for its business center, the SCBD, where you can find tons of lounges and clubs to grab a bite for lunch. Kemang and Senopati, meanwhile could be your preferred spots to wind out at night following a tiring trip during the daytime. The two house some of the best nightlife entertainments in the city.

Below is a list of places of interest, one of which could be the best tourist attraction in Jakarta south you ever come upon:

  • Ragunan Zoo – The zoo is 363 acre wide and is built with rainforest setting. It is home to both Sumatran and white tigers and a primate center.
  • KidZania Pacific Place
  • SetuBabakan – It is a village where nature, culture, and the lakes merge into one tourism wonder. The village is in SrengsengSawah, a sub-district of Jagakarsa, which is in the municipality of South Jakarta. It is close to Depok and 5 kilometers southeast of the Ragunan Zoo.
  • Taman Ayodya
  • Langsat Park
  • Satriamandala Museum – This is a museum reserved for relics of Indonesian Armed Forces. Established in October 5th, 1972, the museum occupies a land of 5.6 hectares wide where you can see Indonesian’s collection of vehicles, weapons, and artifacts.
  • Pondok Indah Water Park – This water park houses a wave simulator machine, an interactive kid’s playground, and an Olympic-size swimming pool.
  • Schmutzer Primate Center – It’s a primate center for gorillas where you can find zoo, cave, and museum.
  • Pinisi Edutainment Park – It’s a recreation park.
  • Museum in the Middle of a Garden, Kemang
  • Museum Layang-layang (Kites) Indonesia
  • The Historical Statue of Dirgantara
  • Taman Honda
  • Taman Mataram
  • Museum Harry Darsono
  • Ragunan Orchid Garden
  • Taman Spathodea
  • PlayparqBintaro
  • lo.gue – Dia.lo.gue is a public artspace where artworks are on display for free
  • Betawi Cultural Village
  • Salihara Community
  • Tabebuya Park
  • Taman TangkubanPerahu
  • Korean Cultural Center Indonesia
  • Taman Martha Tiahahu
  • Speedy Karting
  • PangeranWiraguna’s Cemetery
  • Basoeki Abdullah Museum – In this museum, you can find paintings by the maestro Basoeki Abdullah as well as his personal collection of weapons, puppets, masks, and statues.
  • KidCityTransmartCilandak
  • 120-year-old Mahoni Tree in Kalibata

Recognizing major tourist attraction in Jakartais pretty easy. Just look for a place where people flock toward despite the seasons and you are set to go. However, it is also wise for you to avoid visiting these places in holiday seasons lest you will have to fight for your own comfort.


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