How To Find The Best Budget Hotels In Kuala Lumpur

How To Find The Best Budget Hotels In Kuala Lumpur

One of the great things about travel is that it’s a great way to discover new places and, in the process, new cultures. Taking a vacation is more than just a chance to get away from the office for a few weeks and leave your daily routine behind (although that’s certainly a nice touch). Rather, it’s a chance to engage with new cultures on their own terms and experience a part of the world you might not otherwise see. While mass media and the internet have brought us all closer together in this digital age, there is still no replacement for experiencing the tropical air and downtown lifestyle that’s all part and parcel to life in a Southeast Asian resort city like Kuala Lumpur.

Of course, travel can be expensive, especially to a place as lavish and luxurious as Kuala Lumpur, and while more people travel today than ever before, it could still stand to be a bit more affordable. Here are a few ways savvy travelers can book a room at a budget hotel in Kuala Lumpur and make the most of their Malaysian vacation without breaking the bank.

Budget vs. Cheap

Let’s be clear—you’re looking to rent a room at a budget hotel. You do not, however, want to stay somewhere that’s “cheap.” Nothing ruins the vacation experience quite like being crammed in a cramped, dark, damp, barely-one-star-worthy room, so be sure that the room you’re renting is still up to snuff in terms of the basics. Think of all the services which you would consider essential not just to a hotel room, but to any rented room in this day and age. Electricity, proper plumbing, good sanitation, insulation and heating services, probably Wi-Fi, comfortable furniture—these are all services which are “essential.” With that in mind, you’ll be able to distinguish quality “budget” rooms as opposed to ones which are simply and utterly “cheap.”

Group Bookings

It can be great to travel in a group—and, what’s more, it can be cost-effective as well. If you and your group are headed to Kuala Lumpur for a function, conference, or simply for a group vacation, you might want to consider seeking out offers on group bookings. These types of deals are generally quite affordable and can make the experience all the more fun.

Special Offers

If you have travelled before, you know that there are certain dates and times of the year during which it’s better to fly due to deals offered. The same can be said for hotel rooms in Malaysia—or most anywhere else, for that matter. When it comes to making the travel experience more affordable, nothing beats a “special offer,” and true budget hotels have them in spades. Whether you’re looking for a solo deal or a discount for you and your group, savvy travellers know how to find and capitalize on special offers.

Experience the best Kuala Lumpur has to offer at an unbeatable price in a quality budget hotel today.


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