Krakow Tours – Guide Services For Foreign Visitors

Krakow Tours – Guide Services For Foreign Visitors

Tourism is all about relaxation combined with the pleasure and excitement of discovering amazing views, fascinating history and unforgettable places. Krakow sightseeing with a great Krakow guide lets you see and feel many aspects of local life that you miss on your own. The company of a guide also lets you relax, knowing that you’re in good hands. You also benefit from organizational help from someone who knows where things are and how long it takes to get there. On top of that, you’ve got a great companion for the day to learn from as well as chat with.

It’s easy to arrange someone to do all this and more. Just start here and get all information you need about getting started!

All of our guides are qualified and licensed to guide visitors to Krakow. Everyone who works with us is chosen on the basis of the qualities it takes to be a great guide. Working with foreign guests requires certain abilities, fluency in languages chief among them. We offer our Krakow guide services in English, German, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian! We can share all the most important information and local history and culture in any of these languages on a level that visitors expect.

We guarantee a great time and a wonderful stay in our beautiful city! We also know from experience that Russians, like Poles, love good cuisine. That’s why we work with many of the best restaurants in Krakow to offer guests under our care great meals to complement their Krakowcity tours.

Krakow sightseeing – which path should you take?

We have more than 20 set treks through the city to cater to all tastes and interests. They include visits to all the most interesting museums in Krakow, including the Underground Museum and Schindler Factory. We’ll also take you through the Old Town, the former Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz, the former ghetto from the war and numerous nearby destinations like Tyniec, the salt mines at Wieliczka and Auschwitz, among others. We also offer choices for how you want to get around. How about a horse-drawn carriage or electric cart? Or maybe a Party Bus or Segway? Of course, we can walk if you prefer that way…

Look through Krakow Guide and choose a path that matches your interests and time budget. Speaking of time, we can always adapt to your schedule to help you make the most of your stay.

Since we started out by talking about Russian language tours, let’s focus for a minute on Krakow tours that are particularly popular with our Eastern friends, who often pass through Krakow on their way to the Tatra Mountains. Krakow in a nutshell tours are designed for those who want to see as much as possible in one day. They include the Old Town, Wawel Castle and Kazimierz and take in all the most beautiful and interesting sites. Moving around with the help of an electric cart can cut down on travel time that can be spend on more visits.

Get in touch today and start planning your trip!


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