Where Are The Most Popular Cycling Routes In France?

Where Are The Most Popular Cycling Routes In France?

France should be at the front of your thoughts if you are going on a cycling holiday. There are lots of very beautiful cycling routes in France, so you should pick carefully.

You might want to cycle through forests where there is a large amount of nature. You may want to explore vineyards and ancient castles. Also, you might want to cycle by the coast so that you are going to be able to go to the beach.

What are the most popular cycling routes in France?

1) Provence Trails

2) Vineyards

3) National Parks

4) Normandy

5) Loire Valley

6) Dordogne

Provence Trails – you can go cycling in France through areas like Provence and you will be able to sample the wines that this region of France is famous for, and this is going to enhance your enjoyment of the entire French holiday.

Vineyards – there are hundreds of vineyards in France, each one producing a different kind of wine. You can cycle in the countryside around Bordeaux and take in the scenery. You will be able to take large amounts of photographs as you are riding.

National Parks – national parks in France are full of beautiful flora and fauna. You can study this nature closely as you are riding along.

Normandy – the Normandy area of Franceis one of coastal beauty that you can explore when you are cycling along on your holiday. You can cycle near glorious beaches.

Loire Valley – the Loire Valley has many different castles and historical monuments that you can cycle alongside and explore.

Dordogne – the Dordogne has many quiet country lanes and fortified towns. You will not have to deal with a large amount of traffic in this area and you are going to be completely safe.

Who Can You Take Along On Your Holiday?

There are many different people who you can take along on your holiday. You might want to go along with your partner for a romantic cycling holiday. You may want to take your whole family along with you when you are cycling. You may want to go on a cycling holiday by yourself so that you will get some peace and quiet.

What Are The Benefits Of The French Cycling Holidays?

There are many benefits to these French cycling holidays. You will be able to explore France in detail without resorting to planes and cars. You will be able to get a large amount of exercise when you are travelling. Also, children will be able to improve their cycling skills when they are on one of these holidays. You will want to repeat these holidays on a regular basis because you will have such a good time.

Round-Up Of The Article

France is one of the best places in Europe for a cycling holiday. You can pick various routes and you will be able to sample different areas. This could become one of your favourite parts of the world.


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