Pre-Existing Medical Travel Insurance May Mean To You While Travelling Abroad

Pre-Existing Medical Travel Insurance May Mean To You While Travelling Abroad

Before applying for a travel insurance cover, you have to take a precaution on pre-existing medical travel insurance. This is desired since most of the travel insurance policies provide only emergency medical cover and the expatriation cost. It means those policies do not extend any cover on the pre-existing health issues.

What is a pre-existing health issue?  

Well, a pre-existing health issue means an illness that existed before you purchased a travel insurance cover. As such, pre-existing medical travel insurance from different companies has a different set of rules though the chances are high that there is a great similarity among them as well. For instance, when you have a pre-existing medical condition, you have to go for a compulsory medical screening by the insurer. Based on the severity of the illness, the insurer may ask you to undergo tests conducted by its approved panel of doctors. However, you must refrain from hiding anything at this stage as hiding something here will invariably invite troubles for you at the time of crisis and it may lead to the withdrawal of the policy benefits.  

Things to know about pre-existing medical travel insurance:

  • Pre-existing medical insurance for travel is extremely important, as you will be visiting countries far away from your homeland. It further connotes that you are by default not aware of the medical expenses and the healthcare facilities there. In such a case, your insurance cover on the pre-existing medical condition comes as a real boon. You are provided with the emergency medical care 24×7 and the expatriation cost.
  • Based on the severity of your pre-existing medical condition, your eligibility for a policy as well as the premium amount is decided. However, such an insurance cover is a must for all having the pre-existing medical condition and planning to visit abroad.     
  • While applying for a travel insurance against the pre-existing medical condition, always check beforehand the price of the policy. This way you will be able to justify the cost of the insurance and the cover it extends during your travel days. Simultaneously, don’t forget to check the diseases the policy covers. The crux is that every insurer has an approved list of diseases that are covered under travel insurance.
  • To our findings, every travel insurance policy has a geographical limit. So, when you apply for a travel insurance, do check whether the policy covers your destination country or not.
  • Always check the terms and conditions and the wordings of the policy carefully before purchasing. This will save you from many troubles later.
  • Check for the additional covers that you can buy while going abroad. This can be a real boon befitting your personal likings and needs.
  • Check for the age limit if any. To our findings, some companies provide travel insurance cover up to the age of 75 years.

However, buying pre-existing medical travel insurance is your personal decision. The purpose of this write up is to update you on the constraints of the travel insurance policies so that you can take an informed decision here.


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