Be Safety Aware In Parasailing

Be Safety Aware In Parasailing

Parasailing is a kind of water activity where the person going for the ride is attached to a parasail wing and it also allows the person to ride high on the water. The parasailing equipment was first discovered by Mark Mc Culloh in the year 1971 and that mechanism is still in use these days.

If you are taking this ride for the first time, then it is a good idea to go with the reputed companies who are doing this sport for a few years now. This will help them to go for the ride smoothly. You just need to take care of a few things. You have to check the weather, the right equipments and follow some basic safety procedures so that you do not have to face any difficulty when you start the ride.

There are a few equipments that one needs when they are going for a parasailing ride. This ensures their safety and makes the ride a fun one. The equipments are needed so that the parasail movements remain absolutely fine and the landing is also done safely. There is a life jacket to keep the rider safe if they land up in the water. There is a helmet to protect the head from any kind of accidents and it has to fit the head properly. If it remains loose then there is no point in wearing that as it will fall off with any kind of jerking. There is a feather flag which is given to the parasailers so that they remain visible for miles while taking the ride. The boat captain and the one who is taking the ride should ensure that all the equipments are functioning properly before going for the ride. Then they should start the ride. If any of the equipment is seen to be not functioning or not fitting the ride properly then they should replace it with a good one immediately.

There are some other safety factors that one should keep in mind before going for a parasail ride.

  • No matter what, the weather is the primary condition when it comes to parasailing. If there are severe winds and intermittent rainfall then one should cancel the plan of going parasailing on that day. The ideal weather to take this ride is in a clear and sunny weather where there will be consistent sun light and it will allow maximum visibility. The water should be calm so that the boat can operate without any hesitation. But if there is a forecast of storm and rain along with heavy winds, then one should not take a ride on that day.
  • There are many parasailing companies which has a given age like 18 years as the minimum age bar for those who wants to take the ride. Sometimes there is also a minimum weight requirement for the riders because too much body weight can be a safety hazard for the one taking the ride.

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