Sip On Semillon In Hunter Valley

Sip On Semillon In Hunter Valley

The region of Hunter Valley is located a convenient two hours’ drive from central Sydney. This stunning area near Australia’s east coast has fertile soil, soft rolling hills, and incredibly kind and welcoming locals. These are all ingredients for a successful wine-making region. Over the years, Hunter Valley has become a top-notch destination for a holiday amongst the vineyards and it is time everyone discovered its laid-back, simple beauty.

The Wines of Hunter Valley

People across Australia, and Sydneysiders in particular, recognise Hunter Valley as one of Australia’s oldest wine-producing regions. In fact, there are many claims that Hunter Valley is the birthplace of Australian wine. The historic significance of this region is not lost on the farmers and winemakers who call Hunter Valley home, and many families have been owners of their vineyards for generations. That makes Hunter Valley a great location to sip some wine and a great place to learn a bit of Australia’s history.

The most common variety of grape grown in Hunter Valley is Semillon. This grape produces a dry white wine that is well-known in Australia, but less common elsewhere. As Hunter Valley is considered the best region for this particular grape, it is a must-try when visiting the region. However, the vineyards of Hunter Valley are also conducive to growing other varieties including Australia’s famous Shiraz and the worldwide favourite Chardonnay.

How to Visit the Wineries

One of the easiest ways to sample these wines is through an organised tour. A guide will take you to some of the oldest wineries in the region and arrange for tastings of the best wines and vintages from the area. It is incredibly convenient as the company and guide plan your timeframe, tastings, and route. Also, with a capable and designated driver as your guide, you can try all the wine you want that day.

However, tours are not for everyone. Most of the wineries in Hunter Valley have cellar doors that are open to the public during certain hours. A quick Internet search will reveal the hours and location of a vineyard’s cellar door and what is included in a tour or tasting. For those lucky enough to escape the city and stay in Hunter Valley, a visit to one or two cellar doors a day is a great way to spend a holiday.

There is cheap Hunter Valley accommodation available whether for a night, a weekend away, or a long holiday. Advanced bookings are possible at quaint cabins and cottages, villas located at a winery, and gorgeous rooms at a spa location. Just as the variety of wines available in the region means you are sure to find one you love, the range of accommodation options means you are sure to find the perfect place to spend your holiday.

More Than the Wine

Hunter Valley produces wine in abundance and its vineyards are the most well-known reason to visit the area. However, the incredible soil in this region also makes it a great location for farmers of all sorts. Many visitors take the time to visit the farmers and grocers who carry fresh produce and products grown and produced just up the road.


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