Take Your Golf Holiday To New Heights

Take Your Golf Holiday To New Heights

For those with a love of golf and a taste for adventure, there is no better choice of holiday than a golf tour. From right here in Australia to the Safaris of South Africa, there are beautiful, perfect locations available for a relaxing golfing getaway. You earned some time away from your stressful day job. With the right destination in mind and a heart ready for an experience in adventure and relaxation, you will be glad you booked. Whether you’re simply seeking a weekend away or want the excitement of a 13 day, overseas tour, there are packages available to suit your needs.

Visit Fabulous New Lands

The journey to South Africa has never been more cost effective than it is right now. With the value of the South African rand so much lower than your own currency, you will eat and golf like a king for a fraction of the cost. A round at the world renowned Leopard Creek Country Club course, argued by some to be the best in the world, would cost less than 200AU$. With such low costs to visitors, you will find yourself on greens similar to the beautiful, unreal courses you see in golf calendars.

If you find yourself short on time and wish to stay at home, there are still a number of packages available right here in Australia. Australia is known for its excellent golf courses, and reputable magazines place a whopping six Aussie courses in their top 40 list. With so many choices available to you, you will never lack for beautifully designed greens to while away the holiday season. As you well know, Australia is covered in unparalleled sights and landscapes, and these golf courses reflect the land in such a way that you will think yourself in another world.

If Thailand is the desired location for your golf tours, you are in for the adventure of a lifetime. Not only are their courses famous for their beauty and spectacular views, but it is a country steeped in culture. From towering waterfalls to ancient Buddhist temples, to the amazing jungle wildlife, you will be in no short supply of wonder. Aside from the natural beauty found everywhere, world famous shopping districts are also available for your exploration. For an extremely low cost to you, you can bring home enough souvenirs to fill a new piece of luggage.

Give Yourself a Break

No matter the length of your golf tour, you are guaranteed a trip of a lifetime. From the amazing landscapes of your own backyard to the unparalleled wonder of the plateaus of Thailand, you will have tales to tell for the rest of your days. You work hard, and now is the time to play hard. Go online right now in order to research which countries and tours are the best fit for you. Wherever you go, you can say goodbye to stress!


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