Tips To Find The Best Short Term Lets In Braintree

Tips To Find The Best Short Term Lets In Braintree

Travellers, whether businessmen or adventurers, look for rental accommodations which are convenient for short term stays and provide all the required amenities as well. However, as the demand for such accommodations increases, it becomes more and more difficult to find the right place at a reasonable price, especially in a buzzing area like Braintree. Before you opt for any, it is suggested to go through the tips mentioned below to find the best short term lets in Braintree.

To begin with, internet can be an ideal source to find out information about the place or area you are visiting and the kind of short term lets available there. As most of the landlords post their property rental ads on internet, it can prove easy and quick to find the kind of accommodation you want. You can make your search more streamlined by specifying the requirements, such as number of rooms, amenities, rental price etc.

Location is a primary consideration while searching for short term lets and it should be convenient to access from your point of interest. For example, if you are a business traveller, then you should be looking for an accommodation closer to your office, as it will help to save time on daily commute. For holidaymakers it is essential that the places they plan to visit during their stay are easily reachable from where they stay, offering different transport options.

Safety is another important aspect to keep in mind, as you would want to spend your time peacefully without any worry. To ensure this, check if the property is located in a safe area and there are proper measures taken by the landlord, such as fire alarm, security cameras, door locks etc., to avoid any uncalled for incident. In order to avoid any safety risks, it is advisable to gather as much information about the region and location of the property as possible before actually moving there.

Basic amenities are a part of all rental properties; however, it is suggested to ask the landlord beforehand about the facilities offered in the property to avoid any problematic situation later on. Laundry, cleaning, internet, utensils etc. are some of facilities you will need during your stay. However, keep in mind that as the number of amenities will increase so will the price of the property. Thus, you should be prepared to pay a little extra for additional facilities.

Always finalise the deal by meeting the landlord in person or through a reliable agent. This is important as relying on a third party might not be safe and can often lead to miscommunication. Moreover, it gives you a chance to clarify your doubts, if any. Whether it is about the rent price or discussing about the amenities talking to the landlord can give you better and quicker solutions.

Last, but not the least, carefully evaluate the rent price being asked as it should be appropriate as per the facilities being offered. Many landlords avoid payment through cards because of the obvious risks and delays involved. Therefore, agree on a payment mode which is convenient for both the parties. Being proactive and spending ample time researching can definitely make your search for the right short term lets in Braintree a success.


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