Top 4 Things To Do In Thailand

Top 4 Things To Do In Thailand

Thailand is considered as one of the most visited tourist places in South East Asia and for the right reasons. Once you are in Bangkok, you would find out that you wouldn’t actually get the chance to feel bored. From stunning beaches to spectacular temples, from delectable food to lively markets, each and everything is worth experiencing. It is a place where you would find some of the friendliest people ever and this would make you understand as to why Thailand is referred to as the Land of Smiles.

The only problem that you would face is actually choosing what all you want to do. It would always seem that there are countless number of things to do and so little time. However, there are a few things that you just cannot miss. Listed below are a few of them.

Visit the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is one of the most popular destinations of Bangkok. For about 150 years, this palace was home to the King and the government of Thailand. The palace covers an area of 218,400 sq. and is situated in the heart of Bangkok. There are a countless number of things that you can do here. One thing’s for sure, you wouldn’t be left disappointed. Do dress appropriately as a strict dress code is maintained here or you might not be allowed to enter.

Get a Thai Massage

Thai massages are popular worldwide because of their unique style that stretches your entire body and works on the pressure points as well. This is something worth experiencing and would leave you mind and body feeling loosen and rejuvenated. Also, they aren’t hard to find as literally each and every town and city in Thailand has massage parlours that are quite affordable as well.

A Trip to Koh Phi Phi

Of course Thailand has innumerable beaches and islands but the Koh Phi Phi is an impressive island located in Krabi and is definitely worth a visit. The mesmerizing views would leave you stunned and bring out the photographer in you. Once you visit this island, no beach would be able to impress you as much as this one.

Visit Hill Tribe Villages

Across the north of Thailand, you would be able to find several villages. Take a break from visiting popular tourist destinations and spend time with the locals to experience their way of living and enjoying life. However, make it a point to choose your tour guide wisely and ensure that they operate in an ethical and balanced way. You could also choose to take the lesser visited routes and experience the beauty of the most colorful tribal treks that Thailand has to offer.

Other than this, the other places worth visiting are The Golden Triangle, floating market and ancient ruins and national parks. Bangkok has no dearth of tourist attractions and you need to enough time in hand to explore each one of them. By visiting Thailand, you would be able to take back with yourself memories that you would cherish for a lifetime. For more information visit here


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