Test Your Taste Buds In Jaipur The Royal City

Test Your Taste Buds In Jaipur The Royal City

Jaipur is the heart of Rajasthan. This pink city holds the secrets of thousands of years of royal heritage, larger than life legends and Brobdingnagian architecture. But the secret whispers of the bygone glory can be found in the aromas of local food which meanders through the sandstone framed lanes of the city.

Jaipur has carved out its won identity in the treasure filled landscape of the desert state of India with the help of its delightful Rajasthani cuisine. These recipes and flavors are a gentle reminder of the city’s royal past. The recipes have evolved with time to suit the fast paced life of people today. But they still hold the flavors of the ancient times when these were served by the palace cooks to the royal guests. So if you are planning to take a trip to Jaipur do not forget to leave room for a royal gastronomic experience. Here’s what to expect from the restaurants and food joints in and around Jaipur:

  • Dal Baati: nowadays even foreign tourists have become acquainted with the name. This is the state food of Rajasthan. Dal is made from lentils mixed together with typical Rajasthani spices to make it extremely hot and spicy. Baati is unleavened bread cooked to a bowl like shape which is eaten with the spicy dal.
  • Churma: this is the sweet dish that accompanies Dal Baati; this is made by crushing baati and adding sugar and pure ghee to it.
  • Kadhi: this is another famous dish from the heart of Rajasthan which is made from besan and yoghurt. This is a classic vegetarian preparation which is mainly eaten with roti and puri. This is has a rustic yet elevated taste which is not found in any other preparation from around the country.
  • Gatte ki Sabzi: this is prepared by cooking balls of besan in the sabzi. It is eaten as a side dish with roti, paranthas and puri. This delicacy is found only in parts of Rajasthan and the taste varies from location to location.
  • Mirchi bada: this is a pakoda which has fillings of besan and abundant green chilly. It is a deep friend snack which challenges people with its super-spicy taste.
  • Lashun ki chutney: this is more of a hot garlic paste which is made only in Jaipur. This is eaten along with Daal Baati to enlivening your palette. This is also a very salient taste which is not found in any other corner of this country.
  • Ghevar: this is meant for anyone and everyone with a sweet tooth. Ghevar is made of pure ghee and the recipe is not easily disclosed by the patrons who make the best Ghevars in the state. The main ingredients of this dessert are only found in Rajasthan and so are the makers.
  • Imarti: this is also another typical Jaipuri dessert which is a close cousin of jalebi. This is made by dropping the wheat flour paste in boiling sugar syrup. However this cousin is much bigger and more ornamental than the common jalebi we know in the cities.

If your palette feels rusted from the junk food of the city simply book an outstation cab and travel to Jaipur for a taste of the royal cuisine which still dominates the streets of the Pink City.


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